About me


Hello you!


My name is Kaiyisah Jerima and my Student ID is 18509948. This is my WordPress blog for Assessment 2 in Teaching and Learning in a Digital World EDUC1000.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating this blog for you to read as I have been continually studying the importance of technology in education. I believe technology is evolving so fast and as people of this ‘Digital World’, we must progress with it since it carries many benefits.

I have found that school curriculums are now including technology as learning platforms, encouraging children to embrace this digital savvy era. Even the elders are joining the bandwagon on all the new gizmos and gadgets; it’s becoming even more useful!

Although technology can be fun to use, we must know exactly how to use it to ensure we are being sufficient and are practicing our digital literacy for the future. Being digitally fluent will benefit us in belonging in this technological world.

This has been a great unit to participate in and I have gained so much knowledge on the effects and importance of having a rich technological curriculum in schools. I can see that children are embracing the digital boom, which i believe is exactly what they need to become better learners.

In the meantime, this is it from me.

Enjoy your day/night, always keep smiling.


Kai xx



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